Karrin Taylor Robson Net Worth

Karrin Taylor Robson Net Worth

Karrin Taylor Robson is an American business leader and land use specialist. She founded Arizona Strategies in Phoenix and currently heads this firm as its head. Additionally, she serves on numerous civic and political boards, such as Joe Foss Institute, Greater Phoenix Economic Council and Arizona State University Board of Regents; additionally she writes books, advocates for healthy economies and property rights protection as well as supports men and women serving their nation in military service – she is estimated to have an estimated net worth of $20 Million.

Robson is an internationally recognized businesswoman and land use expert; however, she does not yet have an official Wikipedia page. There are various sources that have documented her personal statements and details such as home address, education level and religion; she currently resides in Mesa Arizona following Christianity; married to Ed Robson who founded Robson Communities with whom she shares four children;

She holds a bachelor’s degree in history and political science from Arizona State University as well as a law degree from University of Phoenix. Appointed by Governor Doug Ducey to the Arizona Board of Regents for 2017-2021, she currently serves as President of Joe Foss Institute as well as being on Greater Phoenix Economic Council.

Robson and her husband are quite wealthy according to her public financial disclosures. Through a trust they own two properties – one in Phoenix worth $5.4 million and one near Forest Lakes in Coconino County costing $614,000. Furthermore, she holds stakes in multiple companies through a private investment fund.

Robson has had multiple relationships in her past. She was previously married to Gene Taylor but they divorced in 2016. Now, Ed Robson – president and founder of Robson Communities – is her current spouse; they share four children who all remain close.

Politically, she is a Republican Party politician and serves on various boards. Additionally, she is an author and well-known speaker on topics related to economics, property rights, veterans’ affairs, as well as veterans affairs. Additionally, she maintains an influential presence in Phoenix while working closely with Air Force leadership at Luke Air Force Base.

Robson has set her sights on running for governor as a Republican in 2022, hoping that she will make history as Arizona’s first female Native American gubernatorial candidate if she wins. At present, her focus is fundraising – having raised over $700k so far she is hoping that by raising an additional $3 million her chances will improve greatly.

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