Kash Doll Baby Father Net Worth

Rapper Kash Doll and Her Baby Father Net Worth

Rapper Kash Doll was born Arkeisha Antoinette Knight on 14 March 1992 in Detroit, Michigan USA as the eldest among her six siblings. After attending local high school for early schooling and enrolling at Henry Ford College to study business management, Kash Doll decided instead to focus on her musical pursuits instead and dropped out. While working odd jobs to support her family while following her dream.

Kash Doll finally broke through into the music industry after years of struggle with her singles For Everybody and Ice Me Out. Following this success, the rapper released her debut album Stacked which brought immense fame. Additionally, she appeared in many TV shows and won multiple awards for her performances on them.

Kash Doll has amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $2 Million, which she amasses through music sales, streaming revenues and concerts as well as her YouTube channel and promotion of various brands. The American rapper is widely revered for her seductive looks and smooth voice that have won her the affection of millions of followers around the globe.

Kash Doll remains single after experiencing such immense success as a rapper; she has had relationships with Dex Osama, Eric from Africa, and Tory Lanez but none has led anywhere close to marriage.

Kash Doll announced her pregnancy through Instagram in September 2021 and gave birth on January 6, 2022 to a son they named Kashton; Detroit-based rapper Tracy T is her son’s father.

Kash Doll has amassed an enormous following on Instagram thanks to her attractive looks and bold pictures. Furthermore, she is an active philanthropist; giving away clothes, makeup and even cars as freebies to her followers.

Rapper Kash Doll serves as an inspiring role model for young girls aspiring to break into the music industry. Her presence can be found across social media, where she interacts with followers regularly. Furthermore, she’s an animal advocate and regularly supports various charities.

Kash Doll is not only an incredible rapper; she is also an outstanding mother to Kashton. Sharing pictures of them together on her Instagram account shows their beautiful bond. Though some criticize Kash Doll for choosing Kashton as his name, the rapper stood firm defending it as beautiful name.

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