Keith Rivers Net Worth

Keith Rivers Net Worth

Keith Rivers is an American professional football player specializing in linebacker. Drafted ninth overall by Cincinnati Bengals in 2008 after college football for USC Trojans, Rivers also holds membership on New York Giants and Buffalo Bills rosters and boasts over 180 solo tackles and 102 assists en route to 3.0 quarterback sacks as well as 2 fumble recoveries – making him one of the toughest linebackers on their respective fields. He holds two fumble recoveries so far!

Rivers has built his success not only on his football career, but also through a popular radio show he hosts with Peter “Zip” Zipfel as part of The Bob and Zip Show on KOMO Seattle radio station – known for engaging content and humorous approach.

Since his retirement from radio in 2014, Rivers has taken on various projects outside the radio industry. He is well-known as an art connoisseur and is active in commercial real estate; his dream is to open his own museum devoted to works by artists of color a la The Barnes Collection in Philadelphia which boasts one of the world’s most valuable private collections.

Rivers is set to make an impactful statement this season for the Giants after missing all of 2017 due to a wrist injury, competing against Thomas Howard and Manny Lawson to become their starting strong-side linebacker.

The Giants haven’t publicly announced whether or not they plan to move Rivers inside or outside; however, general manager Jerry Reese has made it clear that players can decide where he plays best.

Rivers is an extremely adaptable defender who is adept at playing in multiple positions. He has made himself adapt to meet the varying requirements of various positions throughout his career and likely will do so again going forward.

NFL salaries range widely, with most top players earning around $20 million a year. Rivers’s salary falls below average for linebackers but it remains reasonable given his skill set and experience. Over time, his salary will likely grow with his abilities as he improves further in his game. He now enjoys his comfortable lifestyle with family and friends, having also started a successful real estate company with his wife which boasts an exceptional market presence and excellent reviews from its clients. He takes great pride in all that has been achieved in this field. “River Runs Through It”, his book about his experiences as an NFL player, has received many positive reviews from readers and won several awards. Not only is he an author but has also appeared in television shows and films while his wife has always been supportive of his endeavors – they have been married for 20 years with great happiness!

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