Kellin Quinn Net Worth

Kellin Quinn Net Worth – A Closer Look at His Career and Life

Kellin Quinn is an acclaimed American singer best known for being part of Sleeping with Sirens since 2009. Since 2009, his albums have topped charts and helped earn him millions. Additionally, he is an active actor who has collaborated with numerous artists; currently living in Oregon with his wife and two stepchildren he explains how he makes such a fortune! Let’s take a closer look at his career to understand his success!

Kellin was born in Medford, Oregon on 24 April 1986 to parents who frequently moved. Due to this instability in his childhood years, it proved challenging for him to form lasting friendships; but Kellin eventually came to appreciate his siblings as true allies and now considers them his rock.

Kellin attended Olympic High School in Bremerton, Washington; however, he left in his junior year to focus on music instead of schoolwork. Later on he attended the University of Oregon but didn’t complete his degree there either. Presently he is part of Sleeping with Sirens with Jack Fowler, Gabe Barham, and Justin Hills.

Sleeping With Sirens have been active since 2009. Since then, they have released several albums which have reached number one on music charts, along with various world tours – most recently featuring their most recent release Madness as part of an expanded world tour alongside Pierce the Veil – with over 1.5 million Twitter followers!

The band has garnered multiple awards and earned significant recognition. In 2012, they released their single, King for a Day which reached number 17 on the Billboard 200 chart – it proved immensely successful and became one of their signature hits! Success continued for all other songs released from them after.

Kellin also runs Anthem Made clothing line and participates in Dreamer Development Group project which supports young musicians. Additionally, his YouTube channel contains his music videos and other content.

Kellin Lahmann and Kellin are married since 2008 when they met while on tour with his band in 2008. Since then they have shared one child named Copeland as well as two stepson’s Liam and Rowan. Furthermore, he makes additional income through ticket sales as well as his clothing line; these efforts have contributed to him amassing an estimated net worth of about $2 Million.

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