Kendra G Net Worth

Kendra G Net Worth

Kendra G is an award-winning American radio and TV show host with an immense fan base. Since joining this industry, she has made a name for herself through hard work and creativity; being interviewed by many celebrities as well as spearheading social initiatives is testament to this fact; her rise from local radio to international fame is nothing short of inspirational, while her net worth speaks volumes!

Kendra Monique Gilliams, more commonly known by her stage name Kendra G, hails from Waterbury, Connecticut. After attending Hampton University for her studies, she pursued professional media personality studies which saw the start of her professional media career – grace radio stations in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia and Buffalo among many other locations – before making CNN Saturday Mornings her home state where her work has also been showcased on E!, FOX HLN & ShowBiz Tonight as a regular guest host.

She has interviewed A-list celebrities like Kanye West, Janet Jackson, Will Smith, Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake as part of her career interviews. Her witty and engaging interview style have allowed her to garner such popularity with audiences; furthermore she was part of the popular reality series The Challenge where she competed against fellow contestants for grand prize victory.

Kendra G has always kept details about her personal life private, keeping the details about her family out of public eye. At present she is single without children to call her own.

Kendra G is an avid fashion lover, sharing wardrobe and styling advice on her website and The Kendra G Kloset clothing store, where she sells to fans. Kendra serves as an inspiring figure to many female followers on social media and boasts an impressive presence on Instagram; additionally she’s known to love pets, owning one in Philadelphia as a beloved companion pet!

Kendra G has an attractive physique and stands out in any clothing she wears. A fitness enthusiast, she regularly attends the gym in order to maintain her physical appearance. With long black hair and brown eyes and slim yet curvier figure (height: 5ft5inches/165 cm, weight =57 kg/125lbs). Kendra is highly engaging and well-spoken personality and her fan base is vast.

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