Kendrick Perkins Net Worth 2022

Kendrick Perkins Net Worth 2022

Kendrick Perkins is an American former professional basketball player and current sports analyst, currently the President of Next Level Fitness (a company offering cutting-edge fitness solutions and programs). Through his NBA career and other entrepreneurial pursuits, he amassed vast fortune; currently his net worth exceeds $40 Million!

He played professionally for several NBA teams including Boston Celtics, Oklahoma City Thunder, Cleveland Cavaliers, and New Orleans Pelicans and earned significant salaries while also receiving lucrative endorsement contracts from each one.

While playing basketball, he won a multitude of championships and amassed an ardent fan base. Additionally, he appeared in various television shows and commercials while remaining very active online with over 240k Twitter followers – plus being involved with various charitable projects!

Former professional basketball player Al Horford enjoys an exceptional family life. Married to his high school sweetheart Vanity Alpough and proud parents of two children together – a son and daughter. Together they live on one-acre property in Tomball, Texas in a gated golf community, while enjoying luxurious 5,600 sq feet house featuring Mediterranean design features to provide optimal living conditions.

Kendrick Le’Dale Perkins was born November 10th 1984 in Nederland Texas, United States. After attending Clifton J Ozen High School in Beaumont where he led his team to four consecutive district and state titles and was honored as an All-American by McDonalds; upon graduation he was drafted by NBA.

He was part of the Boston Celtics when they won the 2008 NBA title, serving as starting center and receiving many accolades and awards along the way. Following his retirement, he went on to become an ESPN NBA analyst, co-hosting various sports talk shows as an ESPN NBA analyst, while hosting other TV shows has only increased his income further.

Outside his work with ESPN, he also created and launched his personal fitness website called ‘Next Level Fitness’, offering various fitness programs and supplements designed to help individuals meet their health goals. Furthermore, he has become an advocate for mental wellness; speaking at various events to spread this cause.

Outside his professional and sporting activities, he boasts an impressive social life as well. He’s an active supporter of numerous charitable causes including Make-A-Wish Foundation and Boys and Girls Club of America among others. Additionally, he enjoys traveling extensively – visiting cities all around the globe; experiencing different foods; taking pictures; photography is his passion so often posting images from his adventures on his Instagram account; spending quality time with wife and children – an example of perseverance leading to success!

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