Kevin Janssens Net Worth

Kevin Janssens Net Worth

Kevin Janssens Net Worth is a Belgian Actor best known for his roles in movies like Loft, The Ardennes and White Room as well as television series such as Family Guy. Additionally he is highly followed on social media platforms with thousands of followers following him across various social platforms and many art contests where his talents as painter has won him prizes. Born August 21 1979 in Antwerp Belgium he stands 1.8 meters.

Janssens began acting professionally in 2002 with his debut in the short drama film, The Blue Rose. Since then he has made over 20 films, appeared in multiple TV shows, and been known as an accomplished theater artist. A fan of music and travel alike, Janssens also enjoys singing as well as fishing, cycling, riding bikes photography boating as hobbies – with particular interest in Italian, Spanish Mexican and Japanese cuisine!

In 2006, Janssens came into international renown when he played the iconic character Rick Symons in the hit movie Stormforce. Critical acclaim made this an invaluable opportunity to showcase his immense acting skills, earning international renown and appreciation from audiences worldwide. Janssens proved himself as an outstanding actor throughout, earning various awards and nominations for his outstanding performance as Rick Symons in this award-winning flick.

He later found fame through the popular TV show Het goedelijk monster and quickly established a following among Flemish viewers. Since then he has made appearances in other television programs, lending his voice for animated characters, as well as acting in several short films such as Smoorverliefd and Zot van A.

Janssens has graced both Belgian and Dutch stages with his stage presence, performing in musicals such as Maan Het Woest, Maan Naar Het Water and Het Nieuwe Delft as well as operas and plays such as Eugene Onegin and Lakme.

He can often be seen appearing in commercials. Additionally, he has appeared in various television shows and won various awards for his acting.

Janssens has also appeared as a supporting cast member on several Tv-series and web-shows as a supporting actor, such as Oekanda and Dag & Nacht: Hotel Eburon – both comedic TV show series that showcase his acting versatility and potential in this field. With his versatility, Janssens is expected to make an even greater mark in Tv-series production as he enters that realm as well.

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