Kevin Powell Net Worth

Kevin Powell Net Worth

Kevin Powell is an esteemed activist known for fighting tirelessly for social justice issues. As a result of his activism and subsequent career choices (media, publishing and writing), Kevin Powell has amassed an enormous fortune over time.

Powell made his television debut as part of MTV’s reality series The Real World on MTV in 1992. Following this appearance, Powell went on to build his career as an author and public speaker; additionally he became active as a journalist writing for publications such as VIBE and Essence as well as hosting various shows both television and radio.

Powell remains dedicated to charitable giving despite his success and is involved in various charitable endeavors. He works locally, nationally, and globally to end violence against women and children; has made three unsuccessful runs for Congress in his hometown of New York City; contributed relief efforts following disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, Hawaii earthquake, and Superstorm Sandy;

Powell remains private about his personal life; however, he has advocated for mental health awareness and opened up about his personal struggles with depression and anxiety. Furthermore, he has long supported gender equality while fostering progress and unity within society through various platforms.

Powell remains unclear of how much he earns through YouTube, yet it seems likely that he is an immensely-remunerated content creator. With over 1.7 million subscribers to his channel and videos garnering millions of views regularly being uploaded onto his page, along with over 100 merch items being available for sale via his website, it is evident that Powell is highly-paid content creator.

Powell is known to be an avid collector of watches, possessing over 30 in his collection. Additionally, he owns several cars such as Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan, Audi A6 sedan and Porsche 911 GTS; most recently he purchased a Lamborghini Aventador for $1.4 Million.

Powell is well known as an organizer and planner, yet recently fell behind on filings in a civil case alleging an alleged kickback scheme by two former county judges. This lawsuit was filed in March, and since then the court has asked a local attorney to verify Powell’s net worth. Hall stated the alleged scheme involved two judges receiving $22.8 million bribes to grant them leniency in exchange for two for-profit juvenile detention centers receiving preferential treatment from authorities.

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