Khadeen Ellis Net Worth

Khadeen Ellis Net Worth

Khadeen Ellis is a well-known American actress, television personality, social media influencer and business owner. Together with her husband Devale Ellis she hosts a lifestyle, family and marriage podcast.

Khadeen and Devale have three children together: Jackson Karter, Kairo Shakur and Dakota Marley Ellis. Their YouTube channel showcases daily life for them all and has attracted an enormous following as a result.

Early Life and Education

Khadeen Ellis was born in the United States on December 5, 1983 of African-American heritage. She has one brother Tristan Joseph and sister Sakari; both siblings attended school together until Tristan left home at 16. Ellis holds two degrees: broadcast journalism (bachelor’s degree) and communication, rhetorical studies and performance (master’s degree). With Devale, Khadeen created The Ellises YouTube channel where they share family vlogs and skits uploaded regularly by them both to The Ellises channel on YouTube.

They host a podcast called Dead Ass with Khadeen and Devale that covers love, life, and everything in between from a millennial perspective. Their four sons Jackson (born 2011), Kairo, Kaz and Dakota reside with them in Brooklyn New York where they boast a combined net worth of $3 Million; both professionals excelling in their respective careers while striving to maintain harmony within their lives.

Professional Career

Khadeen Ellis is an impressive multi-talented professional. As an actress, social media influencer, and business owner she has amassed an impressive following online including over 76000 subscribers to her self-titled YouTube channel which she co-hosts as well as owning an online clothing store.

Devale Ellises are two hilarious YouTube bloggers who chronicle their life together as “The Ellises.”

Khadeen’s success is the result of hard work and perseverance, serving as an inspirational example that dreams do come true.

Achievement and Honors

Khadeen is an accomplished American actress, TV host, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. She is best-known for her portrayal of Cyndi in The Business of Christmas movie as well as co-hosting of Dead Ass podcast and running an apparel business online.

She is an engaging speaker and passionately encourages others to pursue their goals and live out their dreams. Her charismatic presence has garnered her an ever-expanding fan base on social media; both she and Devale Ellis support various philanthropic endeavors together.

Marriage has proven fruitful for this couple and they have managed to create an empire together. Both passionate about family, hard work has paid off with four children: Jackson Karter, Kairo Shakur, Dakota Marley and Kaz Hendrix. Originally met at a party in 2002 while attending college then dating before getting married on July 5, 2010

Personal Life

Khadeen Ellis is an inspiring woman who believes passionately in following one’s dreams no matter the challenges. Her motto is ‘be restless’ and encourages other women to live life to its fullest. Khadeen was featured as part of OWN’s Black Love docuseries for two seasons as well as serving as keynote speaker at various conferences.

She co-manages a YouTube channel called The Ellises with her husband and has become popular for their engaging content about family life. Their channel now boasts over 1.5 million subscribers with videos covering topics like vlogs, relationship advice and glimpses into daily routines.

This couple is well known for their charitable endeavors and support of various causes, which has substantially added to their net worth.

Net Worth

Khadeen Ellis is an actress, social media influencer, television personality, and entrepreneur. She hosts the Dead As* podcast as well as co-owns an apparel business with her husband Devale Ellis.

Ellis has amassed an impressive net worth through her diverse professional and entrepreneurial ventures, which include founding The Ellises YouTube channel with her husband to share content about family life.

She is the mother of three boys – Jackson, Kairo and Kaz – with whom she lives happily in New York City. Together with her husband she actively engages in charitable initiatives as an active contributor and supporter; together they serve as an inspiring example of hard work combined with talent leading to extraordinary results.

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