Khamani Griffin Net Worth

Khamani Griffin Net Worth

Khamani Griffin is an American actor with an estimated net worth of $400 thousand dollars. He has been involved with acting for 13 years, appearing in films and TV shows over that timeframe. Khamani lives with both of his older brothers as well as their mother; they reside together. Born on August 1st 1998 in Oakland California he bears Leo as his zodiac sign.

Griffin began acting at five years old and made his film debut in 2003’s family comedy movie Daddy Day Care as Benjamin “Ben” Hinton alongside Eddie Murphy, Jeff Garlin, Regina King and Steve Zahn – receiving mixed reviews but being commercially successful. The movie received both critical and commercial success despite this.

After his debut, he began auditioning for roles in movies and TV shows, eventually landing one in All of Us on UPN/The CW from 2003-2007, playing Robert James Jr. (Bobby). This series ran for four seasons spanning 88 episodes; other TV appearances include Without A Trace and Carpoolers as well as his appearance as Wallace Anderson on Grey’s Anatomy season six episode “Wallace Anderson”. Additionally he’s made appearances such as Norbit as well as voice-over roles on animated features like Barnyard Happy Feet The Little Engine That Could, Phineas And Ferb And Rise Of The Guardians!

At present, Griffin is involved with multiple projects and auditioning and acting roles for films and TV shows. Looking forward, his goals include becoming a director and producer himself – promising young actor with great promise!

Though he’s a well-known celebrity, Griffin remains down to earth and humble. He offers much to the world and serves as an inspirational role model to younger people; yet he remains cautious not to put too much pressure on himself and prefers taking things slow.

While media are eager to know of Khamani Griffin’s net worth, he has not released this information publicly yet. It can be assumed that he accumulated considerable wealth due to acting and voice over work over 13 years since beginning his professional acting career in 2003 – helping build up an excellent fortune and living comfortably with his family.

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