Kim Komando Net Worth

Kim Komando Net Worth

Kim Komando is an esteemed technology expert known for providing advice about consumer tech, computers and smartphones to her audience. In addition, she has written several books. Kim Komando generates revenue via radio shows, podcasts, websites and newsletters which add to her net worth; additionally she owns multiple vehicles and houses which showcase her hard work and drive to succeed.

Komando was born in Watchung, New Jersey to parents who both worked at United Airlines; her mother was a homemaker. Following high school she enrolled at Arizona State University; however she dropped out after two years to focus on business opportunities. Komando first made an impactful start as the technology editor of Popular Mechanics magazine before going on to write for USA Today in 2002 as well as writing twelve computer and technology books while supporting female students of computer information systems through her charitable trust.

Komando has appeared on CNN, MS NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox News; her syndicated columns can be found in USA Today and many other newspapers; additionally she hosts her own popular weekly radio show called the Kim Komando Show – she has received various awards and is honored as an inductee into the National Women’s Hall of Fame for her efforts.

Barry Young and Komando Young have been in a relationship since 2000 and share one son together named Ian. Together they own an extravagant home in Phoenix as well as an impressive car collection; Komando enjoys traveling extensively and frequently hosts events.

How much does Kim Komando earn per year as a celebrity?

Her annual income exceeds that of an average radio host’s. As such, Kim Komando may see their pay fluctuate depending on when she works or other factors; her estimated net worth stands at 4 Million USD.

Other than her earnings, she owns many assets such as luxury cars and houses in both Phoenix and Hawaii; in addition to this she also has access to her own jet for travel needs as well as yacht and helicopter assets.

Kim Komando has earned her place as a prominent member of the media industry through hard work and diligence, providing young girls aspiring to enter this realm an inspiring example to look up to. Her positive reputation includes humor as well as honesty and integrity – traits she displays when serving on panel shows like The Talk or on Twitter Live! Kim makes time for both family and friends, taking great pleasure in hiking and camping trips with her son as well as cooking. Kim has an impeccable sense of style, often seen wearing designer clothing and accessories. Through hard work, she has managed to achieve her career goals and become a household name across America; garnering numerous fans on social media as well as winning numerous awards for her efforts.

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