Mary Jo Buttafuoco Net Worth

Mary Jo Buttafuoco Net Worth

Mary Jo Buttafuoco, 68 years old author, has established an enduring legacy through resilience and dedication. Her personal and professional journey through adversity serves as an inspiration to others demonstrating that you can still find joy despite difficult circumstances. Mary Jo’s determination to share her story through writing and public appearances has enabled her to amass significant wealth; while prioritizing personal health has ensured long-term financial security.

New York native Buttafuoco was born May 15th 1955 and holds dual American and New York citizenship. She attended Massapequa High School before going on to earn a degree in social work and having two children: Paul and Jessica. Buttafuoco first garnered public attention in 1992 when her seventeen-year-old lover shot her in the face; though this incident left her severely disabled with facial paralysis she has used it as an opportunity to advocate against domestic violence.

Mary Jo has written several books, such as her memoir Getting It Through My Thick Skull which details her experiences after her husband had an affair with a minor and shot Mary Jo in the face. Additionally, she has discussed this post-traumatic experience on various television programs including 20/20 and Dateline NBC.

Following her ordeal, she went on to have another marriage with Queens-born businessman Stu Tendler; this union officially took place in 2012. Tendler died of cancer three years later.

Buttafuoco has put her energies toward rebuilding her life and finding peace through quieter means. Her success lies in writing and public speaking engagements; she’s become known for powerful motivational speeches. Additionally, Buttafuoco has made sure that she remains present in her family life by staying engaged; daughter Jessie often shares updates regarding Buttafuoco on Instagram.

Mary Jo Buttafuoco has an estimated net worth of $5 Million. She is an internationally-acclaimed motivational speaker and best-selling author renowned for her story of resilience after being shot in the face by a teenage lover, which has inspired many around the world. Additionally to book sales, she has also made many television and radio appearances around the globe.

Mary Jo Buttafuoco is an American author and motivational speaker who rose to fame following an attack by her husband’s mistress who shot her in the face. Mary jo was fortunate to survive the attack, becoming an NYPD officer prior to its occurrence, and has gone on to pen numerous books detailing her ordeal and recovery plan – one such work entitled Getting It Through My Thick Skull was published last September and was widely acclaimed by critics and readers alike as it provides an account of Mary jo’s experiences; it offers advice for dealing with difficult events while providing valuable advice about dealing with traumatizing events happening within one’s own life.

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