Mary Padian Net Worth

Mary Padian Net Worth – Facts About the Reality TV Star

Mary Padian is a successful American reality TV star. She gained prominence and fame through her appearance on the show Storage Wars. This series follows the story of a professional buyer, who tries to find and buy items that are of value and worth. The actress plays an integral part in the show and earns huge sums of money from her trades.

The actress is born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Her father owned a junkyard where she learned how to reuse trash into valuable art pieces. Since she has a natural ability to transform scraps into beautiful artwork, she earned a significant amount of money from her job as a buyer. With this experience, she joined the original Storage Wars series in the fifth season.

In addition to her role on the show, Padian runs her own business. She owns an online store, Mary’s Finds, where she sells vintage furniture and accessories. As a collector of antiques, she is also able to earn a substantial amount of money from her collections. Additionally, she has been known to visit auctions to sell goods.

Mary is of Irish and Lebanese descent. She is also a member of the Virgo zodiac sign. At her peak, she was paid around $15,000 per episode of Storage Wars. However, it is not clear whether she has ever received any awards.

She is not married. However, there have been rumors that she is dating a man. Although she has kept her private life out of the public eye, she has had an extensive fan base that follows her.

Before she started working in the TV industry, Mary spent a great deal of time in Texas where her father had a junkyard. She later worked as an intern for a magazine called D. In addition, she worked as a reporter for “D” newspaper. After graduating from the University of Texas, Austin, she went on to work at Architectural Digest. During this period, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Mary has a wide collection of antiques and is an expert at upcycling. She has a shop in Texas where she sells vintage furniture and collectibles. She has a passion for antique treasure hunting, which is showcased in her appearances on Storage Wars.

She is not married and has no children. There have been rumors that she has a special guy in her life, but she has been careful to keep this information under wraps. Despite her shady love life, she is still active on social media and has fans who want to know more about her life.

Though she has never publicly disclosed her romantic relationship with a specific man, she is said to be in a long-term relationship with her college sweetheart. Whether they will eventually marry is not yet clear. But they are said to be content in their relationship.

Mary Padian is a vivacious woman who has an incredible fan following. Whether she is found traveling for work, starring in an action-packed TV show, or collecting old pieces of furniture, she will surely make millions of dollars in the years to come.

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