Matt Holliday Net Worth

Matt Holliday Net Worth

Matt Holliday is a former baseball player who has an estimated net worth of $60 million. He is an American who was born in Stillwater, Oklahoma. His net worth has increased by a large amount over the course of his career.

Matt Holliday was an eight-year professional baseball player, who played for several different clubs. He played for the Colorado Rockies, Oakland Athletics, and the New York Yankees. He was the NLCS MVP for the Colorado Rockies in 2007. Matt Holliday was also the first player in history to hit 300 home runs, as well as the first to hit at least 25 home runs in a season.

After retiring from his playing career, Holliday continued to be active in the baseball community. He co-sponsored a pledge drive called “Homers for Health”, which raised $3.7 million for the hospitals of the greater St. Louis area over the course of five years.

Matt Holliday is married to Leslee. They have three children together. Their daughter Gracyn Ivy is two years old. The couple have been together for twenty years. Besides playing sports, they are active supporters of charities and are often seen visiting patients at Cardinal Glennon, a hospital in St. Louis.

Holliday was drafted by the Colorado Rockies in the 1998 MLB draft. During his seven-year tenure with the Rockies, he won the NL Batting title in 2007 and helped the team reach the playoffs twice.

In addition to his professional baseball career, Holliday has been involved in collegiate coaching. As an assistant coach at Oklahoma State University, he earned an average salary of $39,812 a year.

During the 2014-15 offseason, Holliday and his family relocated from Texas to Florida. They owned a house in Jupiter, Florida, that they sold for $3.5 million when they moved to the Bay Area in 2015.

In 2010, Holliday signed a seven-year, $120 million contract with the St. Louis Cardinals. Over the course of the contract, he made $24.1 WAR.

Although Holliday was a fan favorite in St. Louis, he missed significant time in 2015 and 2016. When he was traded to the Oakland Athletics for Brett Wallace, he was placed on the 15-day disabled list due to a strained left hamstring. It is unknown when or if Matt Holliday will become a candidate for the Hall of Fame. Hopefully, he will earn enough money to retire from his profession and spend time with his family.

Holliday was a seven-time All-Star and was awarded the Darryl Kile Good Guy Award by the St. Louis chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America. Upon retiring from baseball, Matt Holliday worked as an assistant coach at OSU-Stillwater.

In 2014, Forbes magazine ranked Matt Holliday as the 99th highest paid athlete in the country. In 2014, he made $17.2 million in total earnings. With his salary and his other incomes, he has a net worth of $60 million. He should easily be pushing that figure by the time his contract with the New York Yankees is finalized.

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