Matt Mcgorry Fat

While Matt McGorry has gained weight since leaving the personal training and diet culture, it has not been the cause of his recent weight gain. Rather, his recent weight gain has given the phrase “chubby” a whole new meaning. He has taken steps to embrace his natural body and let go of his internalized fatphobia. He has shared a personal essay in which he talks about his struggle to embrace his weight and body.

Matt McGorry, a star of the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black, once talked about his unhealthy eating habits. While he enjoyed his time in the gym and moonlighted as a personal trainer, he began to rely on a more rigorous diet. He began to notice a huge change in his energy levels and body composition. He noticed that he lacked energy and was constantly checking his reflection in the mirror. Matt would dream about water and was unable to stay warm.

McGorry started bodybuilding at a young age, but has now moved on to acting. Bodybuilding was his main motivation growing up, but his priorities have since changed. He still works out, but in a different way. Instead of running on a treadmill, he enjoys hiking in Los Angeles and boxing. While his physical appearance is important to him, he knows that his sanity is most important.

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