Max Fosh Net Worth

Max Fosh Net Worth – How Much Is Max Fosh Worth?

Max Fosh is a social media guru who made his name on YouTube. He is well known for his comedic moments on the social networking site. His videos have received millions of views. In addition to his YouTube channel, he has a TikTok account and an Instagram account.

Aside from his YouTube channel, Max Fosh has collaborated with various commercial brands. One of his best-known works is his series StreetSmart. After the launch of the series, he was able to make a decent amount of money. However, his biggest source of income is from his YouTube channel. According to estimates, Max’s net worth will be around 900,000 USD in December 2022.

Max Fosh is a young British comedian who has gained notoriety on social networks. His YouTube channel has over 190,000 subscribers. In addition to his YouTube videos, he also has an active Facebook page. There, he has over 125K supporters. Besides, he is also a radio host.

Max Fosh was born on April 3, 1995 in London, England. He is the second child of Matthew and Helena, two Christian parents. From an early age, Max attended Harrow School in London. For higher schooling, he went to Newcastle University. During his undergraduate studies, he worked at Radio Tyneside.

Before launching his own YouTube channel, Max used to post interviews of other students and random people he met on the street. He later renamed the channel to Max Fosh and decided to refocus on comedy content. Although he was initially working in the radio industry, he realized that his niche was comedy content. So, he conceived a plan to start a company.

Soon after he had launched the company, he started a series called StreetSmart. The first episode titled “Road Consultations with Strangers” was viewed by over 5,000 people. Since then, he has created a few other episodes of the same series. This show was also introduced during a cross-country tour.

Max Fosh has been making a decent living with his YouTube and TikTok accounts. Moreover, he has collaborated with various commercial brands and has earned a total of $5 million from his videos.

Although his YouTube channel is the most successful of his career, he is still a teen. He is a handsome model and his pet dog, Pouch, is adorable. As for his personal life, he has been dating at least twice and has never been married. Nevertheless, he considers himself lucky to have a supportive family.

In October 2016, Max Fosh simulated the image of Theresa May. He uploaded the video on his YouTube channel and it attracted a lot of attention. Meanwhile, the video triggered a discussion thread on Reddit. Afterwards, authorities informed him that he would be charged with fraudulent activity.

Despite the controversy, Max has been able to maintain a standard professional life. He has been working with several commercial brands and has been awarded for his great talent in the field of comedy. Additionally, he has earned the title of Best Newcomer at the Nationwide Hospital Radio Awards in 2018.

As of January 2019, Max Fosh has earned a net worth of $735,000. His YouTube channel is the largest in the UK.

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