Mike Vallely Net Worth

Mike Vallely Net Worth

Mike Vallely is a multi-talented individual with an array of talents. He excels at many pursuits including skateboarding, acting, stunt performing, singing and FHL hockey playing as well as hosting his own podcast ‘The Mike V Show’.

Vallely began skateboarding at 14 and quickly immersed himself into the punk-oriented skating scene of the mid-1980s. Soon thereafter he made a name for himself both street and vert skateboarding, becoming one of the most influential skaters of his era. Vallely also appeared in various movies while helping spread skateboarding culture through his association with Z-Boys skate team.

He is also well-renowned as a musician, performing with several bands over time. These include hardcore outfits like Revolution Mother and punk band Mike V and the Rats; singing for Black Flag at their reunion shows in Los Angeles in 2003; appearing in music videos like Fist 3 Songs and Weekend In Pittsburgh as well.

Mike Vallely manages to find time for himself despite the demands of his various careers, marrying Ann in 1992 and having two daughters Emily and Lucy together in Long Beach, California.

Mike V reportedly boasts a net worth of $10 Million, amassing it through his work as an actor, stunt performer, professional skateboarder, lead singer of two bands and wrestler. Additionally he is an accomplished filmmaker and writer.

He began his professional skating career in 1987 as part of the legendary Z-boys skateboarding team. Additionally, he was featured in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video game series.

He is also an accomplished filmmaker and has directed several critically-acclaimed movies, including Lords of Dogtown which was released in 2005.

As an actor, he has appeared in various TV shows and played various stunt roles, winning numerous awards along the way. Personally, he’s a very content husband and father; Ann being his beloved partner; while their two kids love them dearly. He enjoys hanging out with friends and spending time with his dog Zeus during his free time. Additionally, he’s a huge fan of the NHL Anaheim Ducks and keeps up-to-date on their activity through blog postings on their official website. In his free time he enjoys reading books and magazines about skateboarding as he collects them himself. He is an advocate for anti-bullying and has spoken out against racism within the skateboarding industry. He holds strong religious convictions and has participated in various charitable activities over time; furthermore he has shown great generosity by contributing to numerous museums and galleries as a supporter of art.

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