Millennial Farmer Net Worth

Millennial Farmer Net Worth

Zach Johnson is best known to his millions of YouTube subscribers as the Millennial Farmer – an up and coming fifth-generation farmer from West Central Minnesota who spends his days combining and driving grain while becoming an agriculture influencer and advocate.

His channel now boasts more than 2 million subscribers, an achievement which marks him among YouTube’s elite “breakthrough stars.” As per YouTube’s culture and trends manager for U.S. and Canada, approximately 29,000 YouTube personalities have reached 1 million followers; making Johnson an international household name on an online platform with worldwide access.

He says he’s made more money as a YouTuber than as a farmer, though doesn’t disclose revenue numbers. With an iconic logo and theme music as his trademarks, plus podcasts, paid sponsorships and an online merch store selling branded tees and caps; his videos make more than the 1,600 acres in production produce each year!

One young farmer may seem ambitious for setting such lofty goals when entering an industry for the first time, but he’s in good company: thousands of millennials have launched agriculture channels on YouTube as an essential marketing tool. Some use these channels for sharing tips about farming while others use them to promote products related to the sector.

While some millennials are just getting started in agriculture-related YouTube channels, others have already found great success earning a living from their content. According to Net Worth Spot’s estimates of celebrity net worths, some millennial farmers earn upwards of $24 Million per year through YouTube channels and other sources.

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