Monkey Business Deep Creek

Adventure Park: Monkey Business features three levels of individual adventure courses. There are two courses on each level, including a Mini-Money Aerial Adventure Course, an Adventure Park Zipline, and a Free Falling experience. All of these activities are thrilling and fun. Visitors will enjoy the adrenaline rush of climbing and swinging through the trees.

Next Level Monkey Business: This ropes and zipline course is located between Dunsborough and Yallingup, in the midst of lush trees and a picturesque setting. The zipline courses provide varying levels of excitement, including a 100-meter Mega Zip over the lake and the Tree Huggers mini zipline course. For the full experience, visit Monkey Business Adventure Park for yourself or as a gift for friends.

Monkey Business Adventure Park: Located at 970 Deep Creek Drive, across from the Lakeside Club, Monkey Business Adventure Park has a variety of activities for all skill levels. There are aerial obstacles, four ziplines, and a mini course for kids aged four and up. The park is open all year long, and features beautiful lake views.

Monkey Business is open on Friday and Saturday from 11AM to dusk. Visitors should wear comfortable clothing, including close-toed shoes. Women should be sure to cover their hips and shoulders. Skirts and shorts are not permitted at Monkey Business. For children, the park is also open on Sundays.

Monkey Business Adventure Park: The park is home to ziplines and a challenging aerial obstacle course. During the summer, the park offers many events for kids, with zipline tours, ziplines, and a rock climbing wall. In addition to the park, the area also features an axe throwing range.

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