Lufthansa A330 Business Class

Lufthansa’s A330 features 42 Business Class flat-bed seats and 28 Premium Economy recliner seats in addition to 185 seats in standard Economy Class. However, the aircraft lacks a First Class cabin. The 42 Business Class seats are distributed over two cabins: a larger cabin with five rows of 30 seats and a smaller cabin with 12 seats.

Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, Lufthansa’s A330 business class is a comfortable way to travel. The seats are full-length lie-flat and feature privacy and space. The plane has a dedicated bathroom for business class passengers. The restrooms feature a sink, shower, and toiletries. The amenity kit is provided at boarding. The reusable shopping bag has some goodies included in it, such as blue Lufthansa-branded eye masks. Also included in the amenity kit are toothpaste, hand cream, and breath mint. The bathroom is equipped with wet wipes and soap.

In terms of food and drink offerings, the Lufthansa business class is an upgrade over its predecessors. In addition to an updated menu, the company also offers an impressive cheese plate. If you’re traveling from the United States or Canada to Europe, Lufthansa is the best option.

Although a limited number of passengers are following social distancing measures, it is still possible to fly in Lufthansa’s business class. The A330 features a 2-2-2 seating arrangement. Boarding takes place one hour before departure. In a non-Schengen area, there are lounges where passengers can get water and basic snacks. However, you can’t reach the aisle with this seating configuration.

For passengers who aren’t interested in eating in the middle seat, the airline provides an economy class menu that blocks the center seat. The in-flight service is also consistent. It includes a variety of beverages and meals according to the time of day. On medium-haul flights, you’ll get printed menus. If you’d like to enjoy more drinks, you can order aisle-cart service. There’s a friendly staff to help you with your needs.

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