Nicole Jimeno Morel Net Worth

Nicole Jimeno Morel Net Worth

Nicole Jimeno Morel is a Dominican-American reality TV personality. She gained popularity for appearing in several shows and, most notably, playing the villain role on The Family Chantel (show). Additionally, Nicole enjoys a vast social media following.

She has appeared on multiple reality TV shows as well, such as 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? and Self-Quarantined as well as numerous spinoffs. Lidia Morel (Pedro’s mom) also regularly makes an appearance.

She is also an entrepreneur based out of Norcross, Georgia with an Instagram account where she promotes products and ads for profit.

Her estimated net worth is around one million dollars.

She is a model who has made numerous reality TV show appearances and boasts a massive social media following and professional entrepreneurial background. Lidia Morel was Pedro’s mom on Love in Paradise. Additionally, Lidia appeared regularly as part of The Family Chantel spinoff series as well as other TLC reality programs like 90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined.

On top of being an activist, she’s also an entrepreneur with an established business in Norcross, Georgia. Additionally, she promotes products and ads through Instagram to generate income – garnering an impressive social media following of more than 74,000 people on Instagram alone!

Recently, she made herself known on social media with an intimate video that many have taken as an indication that they could possibly be together. Many fans shared the post widely among themselves, leading some to speculate about a romantic link.

Family Chantel star Alix Padron can also be seen smiling happily in a new photo taken at an Atlanta wedding venue, taken alongside Pedro’s son Alejandro Padron. The image depicts them looking very pleased together.

She has also been the center of some controversies in the past. Rumors circulated that she underwent breast augmentation surgery; this claim was later disproved and she also faced legal action from her former spouse who accused her of cheating with another woman. Despite these obstacles, she has managed to maintain a positive image for herself and maintain the support of her fans during tough times. She enjoys an extremely close bond with Pedro; often speaking about him on Instagram posts. She enjoys an amiable relationship with both of her parents, serving as an influential force on her siblings. Family Chantel star Chantel appeared alongside her mother and brother in Love in Paradise: The Caribbean spinoff show; garnering an impressive social media following while doing extremely well in it.

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