Nikesh Arora Net Worth

Nikesh Arora Net Worth

Nikesh Arora, as Chairman and CEO of Palo Alto Networks, enjoys a significant annual income. Furthermore, his equity awards will add greatly to his net worth over time. At present, Arora receives an annual base salary of $1 Million with up to $15 Million bonuses available and 40 Million restricted shares that vest over seven years, making him one of the highest-paid US executives today.

Arora hails from Ghaziabad in India and studied business administration at college in the US, earning his MBA. Following that he started his career at Fidelity Investments where he held several finance and technology management roles before moving onto Google where he quickly made the corporate ladder – becoming one of their highest paid executives before leaving in 2014. After leaving Google Arora joined Softbank where Masayoshi Son called him an investment “rising star”, investing money into key deals like Oyo Rooms and Snapdeal which both later went public. At Softbank Arora invested funds that eventually went public – at that point Arora then joined Softbank where he put money in key deals like Oyo Rooms and Snapdeal which have both since gone public!

Palo Alto Networks CEO Sunil Arora also sits on the boards of various private companies, and is an active philanthropist, having donated millions to charitable causes since 1968. Born February 9, 1968 and celebrating his birthday each year with his wife living in the Bay Area.

As of this writing, Arora boasts a net worth exceeding $500 Million due to years of hard work and commitment in business. Arora’s ambition has enabled him to build an outstanding career while amassing immense wealth.

Arora began his career in banking before transitioning into tech. He later served as President of SoftBank Group before being named Chairman and CEO of Palo Alto Networks in 2019. Arora is widely praised for increasing Palo Alto Networks’ global reach as chairman and CEO, making the cybersecurity company more recognizable around the world. Arora boasts an impressive investment portfolio that includes companies like Stripe and Unity Technologies; his investment firm 8VC specialises in disruptive businesses; Arora hopes to continue building his empire and making significant contributions to Indian economy through future endeavors.

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