Ninja Kidz Net Worth

The Ninja Kidz Net Worth – Payton Delu Myler and Shane Myler

Payton Delu Myler is an American YouTube Star, actress, martial artist, gymnast and social media influencer who features prominently on Ninja Kidz TV’s family-oriented videos. Alongside Bryton, Ashton and Paxton she provides action skits, parodies, challenges and other family-oriented content; also part of their family run two martial arts schools – West Jordan Martial Arts Academy and Pursuit of Mastery Martial Arts in Utah.

The Ninja Kidz are four children who are skilled martial artists, gymnasts and parkour athletes, estimated to have amassed an impressive net worth of $60 Million according to estimates. Their wealth was earned via YouTube video contents they produced – including action skits, adventures and challenges that teach children how to overcome adversity while building character – earning them fame and fortune as they taught these siblings and cousins martial arts and gymnastics skills that has led to this impressive fortune.

How old are the Ninja Kids?

The ninja kidz are an inspiring group of talented and inspiring children known for their skills in gymnastics and martial arts. Each ninja kidz member specializes in multiple disciplines like karate, taekwondo and jiu-jitsu; their videos show that they share an impressive bond among themselves as they strive for excellence in each of their chosen fields and provide inspiration to many young people worldwide.

Shane Myler is a highly-renowned social media star who has garnered immense fame through vlogging. He boasts a large following on YouTube and is famous for his hilarious antics and challenges on there, not to mention being an accomplished martial artist, actor and comedian – not forgetting an avid traveler having visited over 70 different countries! He enjoys sharing these experiences with his followers via vlogging.

His estimated net worth stands at $30 Million. He amassed his fortune through various means such as YouTube channels and sponsorship deals; additionally he is also well-regarded martial arts instructor.

Ninja Kidz are an incredible group of children who have earned an immense amount of money through hard work and determination. Not only are these amazing youngsters kind and generous to others, their success is truly amazing – their parents have played an invaluable role in supporting their dreams. Let’s hope the Ninja Kids continue their career successes to help make the world a better place!

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