Pamelyn Ferdin Net Worth

Pamelyn Ferdin Net Worth

Pamelyn Ferdin is an award-winning former child actor who began acting at an early age. Additionally, she is known for being an animal rights activist. Pamelyn made significant appearances on numerous shows such as Star Trek, Charlotte’s Web and The Odd Couple and is considered one of the richest voice actors in America with a net worth estimated around $5 Million residing in California – where her acting journey began!

She attended Herbert Hoover High School in Glendale, California and graduated in 1977, but it remains unclear if she pursued further education after that point or not. After she started acting professionally as a child actor on both television and movie screens; including roles such as Cookie Bumstead’s daughter Cookie from 1968-1969 CBS revival series Blondie; Felix Unger’s daughter Edna on 1970s ABC version of The Odd Couple and Paul Lynde Show’s short-lived daughter Sally on Paul Lynde Show short-term series version The Paul Lynde Show

She has made numerous television and movie appearances; these include The Christine Jorgensen Story based on the life of the first trans woman to undergo gender reassignment surgery and The Beguiled with Clint Eastwood and Geraldine Page. Additionally, she featured in Kurt Vonnegut adaptation Happy Birthday Wanda June as well as the exploitation horror flick The Toolbox Murders; additionally providing voice over work as Fern Arable from Charlotte’s Web.

Her acting roles included roles on television shows like ‘The Roman Holidays,’ ‘Sealab 2020,’ What’s the Matter with Helen,’ and ‘The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie,’ among many others. Additionally she appeared as Kathy Day or Shelley Kelley respectively in two dramas These Are the Days and Detention.

Although a well-known actress, she has kept her personal life private and we do not know anything about her marriage status or children. We can however say with certainty that she is kind and compassionate person who greatly values animals, does not smoke or use drugs, and lives a healthy lifestyle.

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