Parys Haralson Net Worth

Parys Haralson Net Worth

Parys Haralson was a professional football player for both the San Francisco 49ers and New Orleans Saints, playing linebacker on both teams while also serving as Director of Player Engagement for two seasons. Born January 24th 1984 in Flora Mississippi he attended Madison Central High School before going on to play college football at University of Tennessee.

After an abbreviated but successful NFL career, he died suddenly on September 13 at 37 due to a stroke according to an autopsy report obtained by USA Today.

Haralson excelled during his time with the 49ers, tallying 295 tackles (209 solo), 28 sacks, four fumble recoveries and five passes defended. Known for his hard work ethic and positive outlook in locker room settings, he quickly earned fan favoritism while being recognized by both teammates and coaches alike for his leadership and professionalism.

Haralson was chosen by the 49ers in the fifth round (140th overall) of the 2006 NFL Draft and played in 118 games during his time there; including 88 starts. Haralson became known for his hard work ethic and toughness which carried over into his time with New Orleans Saints.

He was beloved among fans due to his incredible playing abilities and positive personality off of the field. An extremely hardworking player, he never gave up on his dreams or tried his hardest, acting as an inspiration to many younger players and leaving an irreparable hole in the NFL community with his death.

After hearing of his passing, many took to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to remember and pay their respects to the deceased player. Former teammates and colleagues shared memories about their time working alongside him on this platform as many praised his positive energy in the locker room and work ethic.

Parys Haralson was reported to be single at the time of his death and did not have any children at that point in time. He was an active user of social media such as Instagram and Twitter and often posted personal pictures for himself there. He enjoyed engaging with his followers and hearing their feedback, especially pop singer Justin Bieber who he frequently followed on Instagram. His death came as a shock to both family and friends alike; everyone was heartbroken by it all and is currently trying to come to terms with what has happened by taking therapy sessions together – hoping they may draw strength from each other through this difficult period.

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