Prison Teens

The Prison Teens – Video Collection features realistic arrest and processing/sentencing scenarios. Watch as a reporter sent to prison for a crime gets the inside scoop from Officer Persephone and fellow inmate Kaitlynn. Meanwhile, inmate Mackenzie is enjoying a new video gaming system when Officer Lo Valentine walks in to investigate a clue in her case. They are quickly taken into custody and led to the station.

Once they reach the age of 18, teenagers will likely be sent to an adult prison. There are exceptions. In most cases, a teenager who is still in a youth centre will be sent to adult prison when they reach that age. In such cases, they will spend at least part of their sentence in a youth center. They will be required to follow the youth center’s conditions while in custody. If they are found guilty of a crime after the age of 16, they will be sent to an adult prison.

Officer Jackie Jupiter takes Luna Lux out of her cell to have a smoke break. The officer hands her silver chained handcuffs and leg shackles. She is then ordered to go back to her cell, and to strip naked. Officer Jackie is strict and orders her to get naked. She also tells Jackie that she can’t take a shower unless she is in perfect shape. Luna Lux had placed an order over the phone for a meal.

Officer Lo Valentine handcuffs and takes the three girls to the station. After taking their fingerprints and mugshots, he strips the girls. He then places them in their cell. Officer Jackie then calls the three girls and puts them in their cells. The girls will have to wait for new uniforms. A fight breaks out and both girls face a difficult time. The fight continues and the girls discover that they have a choice.

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