How Much Is Scott Rogowsky Worth?

Scott Rogowsky previously hosted HQ Trivia and is now hosting ChangeUp on DAZN. An accomplished standup comedian himself, Scott has proven his craft time after time.

Jonathan Shorty Award recipient and 2018 Live Streamer of the Year as well as New Yorker of the Year has his life chronicled in CNN Films/HBO Max’s Glitch: The Rise and Fall of HQ Trivia documentary series.

Early Life and Education

Scott Rogowsky achieved global fame after making an impression as host of live-streamed trivia app HQ Trivia in 2017. Since then, his fame has skyrocketed, becoming beloved to millions who log onto it twice daily to play.

Rogowsky was raised in suburban New York and attended Johns Hopkins University to earn a political science degree, where he discovered his comedic talent while taking an optional stand-up comedy course as part of his studies. Since then he has hosted various talk shows such as Running Late which featured other local musicians and comedians.

Show host is an avid baseball fan, especially of the New York Mets. In addition to co-hosting ChangeUp on DAZN streaming service, he also regularly does charity work and owns vintage clothing business.

Professional Career

Over his decade on the comedy circuit, Scott Rogowsky quickly established himself as an audience favorite via hosting of the popular mobile game show app HQ Trivia. Now widely recognized by millions who log onto play the game twice daily, his hometown in suburban New Yorker now knows him to all who play!

At its height of popularity the following winter, HQ boasted one million players a night and raised $15 million at a valuation of $100 million. Unfortunately, financial difficulties ensued shortly thereafter and Rogowsky left in April 2019 to host ChangeUp, a baseball show on DAZN subscription video streaming service.

Rogowsky enjoys playing a more versatile character on this show than on HQ, acting much more like Letterman in terms of wardrobe (wearing tuxedo or white suit decorated with stars). Additionally, he runs vintage clothing business and donates proceeds of auctioning off Alex Trebek’s clothes to charity.

Achievement and Honors

After years of working the New York comedy scene, Scott Rogowsky auditioned for a live game show app called HQ Trivia in 2017. Soon thereafter he was known as “Quiz Daddy” amongst millions of participants who tuned in daily broadcasts of this daily quiz show app.

Although the app attracted stars such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Awkwafina and John Mayer as regular contestants, Rogowsky became most well-known due to his natural hosting skills and unique brand of humor and improvisational skills that gained him an enormous fan base among HQ Trivia audiences.

He has since expanded to host ChangeUp DAZN, a baseball show broadcast on subscription video streaming service DAZN. Furthermore, Quiz Daddy owns and operates Quiz Daddy’s Closet in Santa Monica as a physical storefront selling vintage clothing and serving as a platform for charitable efforts like auctioning Alex Trebek’s apparel to raise funds for pancreatic cancer research.

Personal Life

Scott Rogowsky is an award-winning comedian with an extensive resume both on-camera and behind-the-camera. He is responsible for numerous comedy series and videos such as Taking Fake Book Covers on the Subway, Mother’s Day Lie Detector and HQ Trivia that have received widespread acclaim.

He is beloved among audiences wherever he performs; whether on stage or comedy clubs. His self-produced talk show Running Late has featured notable guests like Jon Hamm, Paul Rudd, Amy Sedaris and Weird Al Yankovic.

Rogowsky now hosts ChangeUp on MLB streaming service DAZN as well as Verizon Go90 pop-up talk show Start Talkin’. Additionally, he co-hosts Morning Brew’s Business Casual podcast as a co-host. Currently single and living in one-bedroom Chelsea apartment.

Net Worth

Scott Rogowsky is an American comedian and television host best known for hosting HQ, an app-based trivia game played live over the internet. Now he hosts ChangeUp – a baseball program streamed live via DAZN.

He quickly rose to fame through YouTube with videos showing him reading inappropriate books on public transport and filming people’s reactions, then hosting and performing stand-up comedy at various comedy panels such as Running Late with Scott Rogowsky and Running Late with Scott Rogowsky.

His game show on HQ Trivia is an enormous success; millions of viewers log on each week to compete and vie for real cash prizes. A sports fan at heart, he also hosts various shows on Verizon’s Go90 platform such as Start Talkin’ and Weird World of Sports; Tim Teufel being his favorite.

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