Sheena Melwani Net Worth

Sheena Melwani Net Worth

Sheena Melwani is an esteemed social media influencer, singer-songwriter and Tik Tok content creator with millions of followers across various platforms, generating substantial advertising revenue for herself. Additionally, Sheena has garnered endorsement deals and promotions with electronics products that has earned her over one million in total net worth – mostly thanks to her colossal online success.

She is a Canadian-American citizen with the zodiac sign Virgo. Born September 1st and raised in Montreal Canada, she began showcasing her musical talent from an early age by uploading cover songs onto YouTube and hosting live events while responding to fan queries via social media as her popularity increased.

Sheena Melwani currently boasts over 1.5 million YouTube subscribers and enjoys a substantial following on Tik Tok, where she posts entertaining and humorous videos like prank and challenge videos as well as cover songs. Additionally, Sheena has become well-known through appearances in several Bollywood movies.

Sheena not only enjoys an online presence but has amassed an enormous offline fan base as well. Her concerts consistently sell-out while her appearances at popular music festivals are eagerly anticipated. Not only is Sheena talented but she is also ambitious and determined; with this kind of drive behind her she is poised for even greater success in future years.

Sheena is not only well known for her singing and vlogging but is also an exceptional dancer, boasting a highly flexible body capable of performing various styles. Her videos have received millions of views online making her one of the most recognized personalities online.

Sheena is a full-time singer and entertainer, while her husband, the Real Indian Dad on social media channels like Tik Tok is an attorney who earns an excellent living from practicing law. On social media channels such as Tik Tok he usually hides behind an animated bubble to provide amusing comments during Sheena’s videos – usually interjecting by hiding behind one of his signature bubbles and interjecting to add his two cents!

Sheena and Shahid have two children together; She has not revealed the names of either, yet both appear frequently in Sheena’s YouTube and Tik Tok videos as well as in photos celebrating special occasions with them wearing traditional Indian attire.

Sheena Samtani grew up with both parents being successful businesspeople; one sister is Shalini Samtani whom she’s close with. Sheena loves Bollywood events, attending many major Bollywood events. Additionally, she does a lot of philanthropy work and supports various charities; She is known to make people laugh and loves life! Both sets of parents have been supportive in Sheena pursuing her goals of becoming an inspirational role model and role model; recently she launched Sheena Boutique clothing line as well as cooking show called Chef Sheena!

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