Shannon Klingman Net Worth

Shannon Klingman Net Worth

Shannon Klingman is an esteemed entrepreneur and mother. Her e-commerce company Luminance Skincare is known for offering all-natural skincare products made with quality ingredients that have amassed her a multi-million dollar net worth. As well as being an entrepreneur and mother, Klingman serves the community by being an OB-GYN; helping women navigate through childbearing can often be complex. Her experiences inspired her to develop organic skincare products which are safe yet effective.

Luminance Skincare has quickly gained widespread recognition due to its superior products. Klingman spent years researching ingredients and formulating formulas before teaming up with multiple beauty experts to perfect her formulas, earning a loyal customer base along the way. Her commitment to excellence earned her praise from industry experts as well.

Klingman also founded Lume Deodorant, an aluminum-free deodorant product created to combat underarm and vaginal odor. Lume Deodorant has received high marks from consumers as well as healthcare professionals; it’s available in over 20 countries around the world; popular among millennials; even featured on popular television shows like Shark Tank!

Klingman has built her business to an estimated value of $5 Million and continues to remain humble despite her success, giving credit to her husband as being integral in helping her build it and achieve her goals. Additionally, she emphasizes the need for balance between work and family life.

Klingman has provided healthcare advice to local media outlets, including KSTP Hubbard Broadcasting. Her topics of discussion have ranged from infertility treatment and less invasive abnormal bleeding management to healthy lifestyle advice for viewers.

Although her net worth remains unclear, it’s clear she is an outstanding entrepreneur. Much of her success can be attributed to her passion for natural skincare products and dedication in crafting high-quality items. Appearing on Shark Tank helped expand her visibility and bring in additional investors as her success has served as an inspiration to other female entrepreneurs.

Klingman recently spoke with Beauty Independent and expressed confidence that Lume will flourish under Harry’s Labs’ ownership, emphasizing her involvement in its day-to-day operations. As she expects the acquisition to close this year, she believes that her team will maintain excellent customer service and innovate new product lines for her company. The acquisition should close successfully. Harry’s Labs Chief Growth Officer Tehmina Haider recently stated that her company is in search of companies with proven product fit and consumer demand, while simultaneously looking to acquire additional beauty and consumer tech SaaS brands as part of its long-term plan to expand into personal care and wellness sectors.

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