Sheri Moon Zombie Net Worth

Sheri Moon Zombie Net Worth – Who is Sheri Moon Zombie?

Sheri Moon Zombie is an American actress, model, dancer, fashion designer and blogger best known for appearing in various horror movies as an onscreen’scream queen’. Sheri is married to heavy metal musician and film director Rob Zombie; additionally, she supports animal rights causes by sheltering rescue animals on her Connecticut farm.

Sheri has appeared in films such as House of 1000 Corpses, Grindhouse, 3 From Hell, Halloween and The Lords of Salem. Additionally she has made guest appearances on TV shows like Californication and CSI: Miami as well as being Suzi-X’s voice in El Superbeasto animated short.

Sheri Lyn Skurkis was initially born to Carol A. Skurkis and William (Bill) Skurkis who both passed away. Sheri hails from Lithuanian and Polish ancestry, having been raised in Torrington, Connecticut before graduating Plainville High School with her brother Jeffrey in her late teens.

Sheri Moon Zombie married Rob Zombie in 2002 and later changed her name to reflect this change. Since then she has divided her time between homes in Los Angeles and Connecticut where her farm resides; being both vegan and an active animal rights activist she promotes various animal causes including veganism and supporting various animal rights causes while hosting her podcast ‘The Scream Show” while also acting in his films such as ‘The Devil’s Rejects”, Halloween” and Halloween II”.

Sheri won critical acclaim for her portrayal of Vera-Ellen ‘Baby Firefly’ in 2003’s House of 1000 Corpses film, alongside genre actors Sid Haig, Bill Moseley and Karen Black. Additionally, Sheri made a brief cameo appearance in Tobe Hooper’s 2004 Toolbox Murders movie–the only time that wasn’t directed by her husband Tobe Hooper!

Sheri has earned multiple accolades including Scream Awards and Fangoria Chainsaw Awards. Additionally, she served as producer/executive producer on both Total Skull and Total Halloween short films. Sheri has appeared regularly with her husband on the talk show The Scream Show and hosted their own radio program together. Additionally, Sheri authored a cookbook and has amassed an impressive 645k following on Instagram. Sheri is an advocate for female filmmakers in the horror industry and is open about speaking out on issues facing female professionals such as filmmakers. Additionally, Sheri serves as spokesperson for Breastfeeding Awareness Month; both she and her husband support anti-abortion activism firmly. Sheri and Jared have two children together: Sophia and Jared. Sheri recently completed filming the Syfy Channel show The Haunted which premiered August 20, 2022 and will return for season two this year. Sheri is also an advocate for the preservation of wild places, having donated money to conservation groups. Her passions lie with photography and long walks through nature. Additionally, Sheri enjoys cooking – she started out vegetarian but eventually made the switch to veganism at 13 years old!

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