Sherry Shriner Net Worth

Sherry Shriner Net Worth – How Much is Sherry Shriner Worth?

Sherry Shriner was an American author and cult leader who founded the Alien Reptile Cult. Known for her writings that focused on fighting the Devil and deception, Sherry Shriner earned great respect in spiritual circles due to her publications aimed at defeating it. Her works remain well-recognized within this field – she even self-appointed herself “Messenger of the Highest God”, boasting a significant following until her death on January 28, 2021.

She had a very unusual childhood, which enabled her to gain an in-depth knowledge of her surroundings and manipulate Satan himself. With this skill in her arsenal, she created a cult believed by many people as being the real meaning of life on Earth. Her teachings focus on humankind not being alone in space and that there are alien reptiles wanting to communicate with us directly.

Shriner began her online cult and group on Facebook where she would post her unconventional beliefs, prophecies, and predictions. Her content soon gained considerable traction among fans eager to learn from her; her fame only increased further after publishing “Interview”, her book detailing a dialogue she held with Lucifer himself.

Sherry Shriner became well-known worldwide through the success of her book. It brought in large audiences and media attention, increasing both her following and profile even further. Additionally, Sherry created her own YouTube channel where she posted videos discussing her beliefs and predictions for the future – she even appeared in Vice’s documentary called ‘The Devil You Know’ which was uploaded onto YouTube for viewing by users worldwide.

Sherry’s passing has come as a shock to her followers, who now mourn the loss of their spiritual guide and mentor. Sherry was an advocate of soul reincarnation who often communicated with deceased family members through dreams. Additionally, she strongly supported women’s rights issues while having an extremely active social media presence.

Though many assume Sherry had no educational qualifications, she attended Kent State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, political science and criminal justice. Born on January 28 1965 and passing away of heart attack on January 28 2021 at 56 years old in Carrollton Ohio. Although Sherry lived a controversial life that many found problematic she has left behind a loyal following who still follow her teachings; many believe Sherry is their Messiah and believe she will lead them into the new era soon enough – Carrollton Ohio even named an entire road after Sherry Shriner Way as part of their memorialization of Sherry Shriner Way!

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