Tomboy Business Casual

You can achieve a tomboy look by wearing boyish clothing. Cotton shirts in boyish colors are a great choice because they are versatile and will go with almost any outfit. Another great piece of tomboy attire is stylized tees with skulls, skater themes, and band names. Pair these pieces of clothing with leggings and Converse shoes to create a more casual and fun look.

Similarly, a sleeveless tank top with a white logo works well with skin-tight leather pants. A flannel shirt is also a good choice, and you can add a beanie or a hat to add some extra warmth. You can also pair these items with white sneakers.

If you want to create a bold and monochrome outfit, try corduroy. It looks great with jeans and a pair of Converse sneakers or Oxfords. Plaid is another great option. You can tie it at the waist or layer it to give your outfit a fun, bohemian look. A leather jacket can also look great with straight cut jeans and a high bun. It also goes with a blazer.

Another option for a tomboy look is to wear a long coat. The ideal length for a long coat is between the hips and knees. This style adds a masculine touch to a female figure. A long coat can be paired with jeans or a skirt or a pair of pants.

Tomboys can wear a wide-brimmed hat for extra warmth and tomboy chic style. They can also wear their favorite accessories like a baseball cap or a beaded bracelet. A watch in a masculine style will help complete the look. Similarly, a colorful aviator watch will add to the look. You can also wear a hat and glasses to complete the look.

Another tomboy look is the borrowed-it-from-the-boys look. A boyish pair of jeans or mom jeans, a half-tucked linen shirt and sneakers can add a tomboy vibe. Accessories can also include camouflage, rusty, or rugged shorts.

While this style of dress is more relaxed, it still requires a sense of style. It can improve employees’ confidence levels. When they feel good about themselves, they are more likely to work harder and earn more money. You may want to dress the same way yourself, even if you aren’t an office girl.

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