Trott Business Program Application

The Trott Business Program at the University of Chicago connects students with a global network of business leaders. The program features professional advising, mentorship from upperclassmen, and weekly workshops. It also offers coursework at the Chicago Booth School of Business. To be accepted, applicants must submit an application and complete a resume.

The Trott Business Program is a highly selective, three-year program that prepares students for careers in business. Students enrolled in the program are expected to have a cumulative GPA of 3.0. Transfer students returning from a leave of absence may also apply. The program offers a wide range of internship and career opportunities. Some students go on to launch their own businesses and serve as executives in various industries.

The Trott Business Program allows students to supplement their undergraduate courses with classes at the Chicago Booth School of Business. Students also receive access to industry advisors and cohorts that focus on particular industry interests. The program also facilitates internships through the Metcalf Internship program, which connects students with internships in different locations around the world.

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