Wanna Date Spread Net Worth

Wanna Date Spread Net Worth

After Shark Tank aired, many were curious what became of Wanna Date. Following the show, the company signed a deal with Mark Cuban and has gained popularity among food enthusiasts.

The Story Behind Wanna Date

Melissa Bartow, the founder of Wanna Date, founded her business while still attending New York University in 2017. Prior to that she had worked as a photographer for a magazine, brand ambassador and waiter at a food vendor before launching her own venture.

She sought a sugar-free and calorie-efficient alternative to nut butters and jams that could be enjoyed by everyone – including vegans. To achieve this goal, she chose dates as the primary ingredient in her spreads because they are naturally sweet and packed with essential nutrients, vitamins, and fiber.

Her first batch of spread was created in 2017 while still in college dorm rooms. It comes in five flavors: chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, pumpkin spice and original.

The company offers vegan, oil-free, dairy-free and Paleo diet friendly spreads that can be added to baked goods, ice cream or other desserts.

They even offer a chocolate-flavored spread that’s ideal for the Whole 30 Challenge. Their products can be found online, at some Whole Foods stores and on Amazon.

Their website is regularly updated with recipes using their products. Furthermore, they have an Instagram account where they showcase photos of new releases and events.

On Shark Tank, Melissa asked for $100,000 to invest in her company for a 20% stake. She boasted that she had already generated over $31,000 in sales during the previous ten months.

After she made her pitch, the sharks offered various suggestions on how she can increase sales volume and reduce production expenses. She mentioned that her cost per jar is $2.40, but with increased production she can make $12 per jar.

She told the sharks her product has been met with incredible success, even in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Melissa’s commitment to her product and company’s success is a source of immense pride for the business. An NYU alumna, she continues to craft products with an enthusiasm for health food enthusiasts in mind.

Melissa, the founder of Wanna Date, has an entrepreneurial spirit and infectious enthusiasm for her work. She wants her product to reach as many people as possible and hopes that it can help prevent diseases like diabetes from spreading.

She is passionate about the environment and our planet, while enjoying traveling and trying out local foods.

She has an extensive background in business and marketing, having graduated from New York University’s School of Entrepreneurship. Prior to launching her own business venture, she served as model, brand ambassador, magazine photographer and received several accolades for her work. As a frequent guest speaker at events and trade shows around the world, her expertise is in high demand.

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