Wavy Navy Pooh Net Worth

Wavy Navy Pooh Net Worth and Biography

According to recent reports, American rapper Wavy Navy Pooh aka Shandler Beaubien was tragically shot and killed while driving his Toyota Camry in Kendall, Florida on January 14, 2022. This tragic event occurred due to a drive-by shooting.

The rapper was renowned for his gritty lifestyles and heavy lyrics, making him a fan favorite on social media platforms. His mixtapes and singles such as Money On My Head, Party, Crazy World were popular favorites of fans everywhere.

His death has shocked the rap community and left people wondering what happened to him and how. Read this article for all the details on Wavy Navy Pooh age, biography, wiki, family background including parents and spouses as well as kids’ details; death cause; career highlights; songs recorded; net worth estimate & more.

He is an acclaimed American rapper and songwriter best known for his song Back In Blood, released in 2020. He signed with Gucci Mane’s 1017 Records and Atlantic Records labels.

He spent his early life studying music at a high school in Memphis, Tennessee before returning home to pursue music full time. Upon graduation from high school, he returned to his hometown and focused on honing his craft as an artist.

His time in Memphis left him deeply inspired by the rappers and songwriters around him. He developed an interest in hip-hop culture, leading him to create his own music.

After pursuing his dreams, he started uploading his videos onto YouTube and quickly gained notoriety on social media platforms. Over time, his popularity increased exponentially within the rap community.

He was discovered by Pierre P Thomas from American hip hop record label Quality Control Music. When he reached out to the rapper, he was instantly struck by his style and talent; consequently, he signed him immediately.

Before his passing, he had been an established rapper for two years. He was an ambitious and hardworking artist striving to break into the big leagues.

According to reports, he was shot while driving near Miami’s zoo on Friday night. He was riding with an adult woman and two children in the vehicle.

On March 28th, a gray Lexus pulled up to him and opened fire, striking him in the chest. Thankfully, all passengers in the car – woman and children included – escaped unharmed.

His family has been devastated by his passing. As they attempt to cope with the loss of their son, they are reaching out for support from friends and family for guidance.

Furthermore, they are seeking justice for his death. The police are actively investigating the incident and hunting down those responsible.

Many are expressing sympathy to the family of Wavy Navy Pooh and leaving comments on his video to express their condolences.

He was a young man struggling with his life. He suffered from depression and addiction, yet was determined to overcome them. Fortunately, his talent as an artist helped him immensely in this endeavor.

His death has rocked both the rap community and many fans alike. His friends and families are grieving for him, leaving them wondering what happened to him.

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