Chiz Escudero Net Worth

Chiz Escudero Net Worth

Francis Joseph Guevara Escudero, better known by his nickname Chiz Escudero is a Filipino politician and lawyer currently representing Sorsogon’s 1st Senate District. From 1998-2007 he also held membership in the House of Representatives.

Chiz is widely revered as an engaging and charismatic public speaker who excels at speaking fluent Filipino. He first gained national attention through leading an impeachment drive against then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo; moreover, Chiz and current Philippine President Benigno Aquino III share an interest for cars and smoking.

Chiz has earned great renown among the public as one of the country’s premier politicians and earned considerable respect from people everywhere. He has received multiple awards for his efforts in different institutions. Outside politics, he is also well known as an accomplished philanthropist with Heart Can Foundation dedicated to supporting children who suffer respiratory difficulties.

Chiz Escudero’s net worth has been estimated as being approximately $4 Million, most of his wealth coming from his career as a senator and governor in both Florida and Georgia. He lives an extravagant lifestyle with his wife Heart Evangelista and their four children.

Chiz is an expert at motivating his team members and has always tried to bring out the best in them. His leadership skills have brought him a great deal of success; furthermore he is very ambitious with plenty of courage.

He has spearheaded several landmark laws throughout his career in politics; one such legislation being the Republic Act 9504 which provides tax exemptions for low earners. Furthermore, he champions numerous causes, such as poor Filipino welfare and rural development.

Chiz is not only a politician; he’s also an author who has written several legal books. Additionally, he serves as columnist for two tabloids and appears on numerous television programs.

Chiz Escudero was born on October 10, 1969 in Manila in the Philippines to Salvador Escudero (former Agriculture Minister and 1st district representative for Sorsogon) and Evelina B. Guevara (member of Philippine Congress). He has three siblings including Phillip. Libran by zodiac sign and 5’8″ in height, this individual stands 5’8″. With black hair and eyes, he is extremely sociable and loves spending time with family. Additionally, he enjoys traveling and is deeply religious – both passions he shares with many friends whom adore him very much. Furthermore, his hardwork in the Philippine Senate earned him great respect from colleagues as well as winning him many awards for his contributions to his nation.

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