Georg Stanford Brown Net Worth

Georg Stanford Brown Net Worth

Georg Stanford Brown is an American actor and director with an estimated net worth of $1 Million, most of it earned from acting. He has appeared in numerous movies and television shows since being born in Havana Cuba on June 24, 1943.

At 79 years old, he remains active in the entertainment industry. A gifted actor with an immense fan following, he excels both as an actor and singer, boasting an attractive and charming persona while maintaining a great body figure throughout his life.

An actor and devoted father of three daughters with wife Tyne Daly, Kathryne Dora Brown has always been supportive of his daughters pursuing careers in the entertainment industry as actors or actresses, particularly Kathryne Dora Brown (Katharine Dora Brown is an actress herself and Alyxandra Beatris is also an actor) while Alisabeth has pursued acting.

Georg is not only an accomplished actor but also an award-winning singer. He has released numerous albums and won various accolades. Fans adore his incredible singing voice; additionally he’s highly visible online – having amassed over two million followers across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts alone!

Georg Stanford Brown has been active in the entertainment industry for over fifty years. As a director, actor, and singer he has appeared in many popular television series and movies; some notable works being The Rookies, Roots and Stir Crazy.

Brown has an upbeat view on life and is always willing to assist those in need. His charming personality makes him highly popular among young adults. Additionally, his 6 foot frame makes for an impressive appearance!

Even with his hectic schedule, he remains an exceptional husband and father. Never having been involved in any controversy or drama surrounding his family, he ensures they remain happy at all times. His relationship with his children is excellent as well; they thrive off him being their protector. He is very generous to his children, providing them with the best possible care and attention. In addition, he is kind and loving towards his friends. In Hollywood he is highly esteemed with a vast fanbase who look up to him for inspiration; active on social media he often posts pictures of them onto his Instagram account regularly as an inspirational figure; many admire his acting skills as well as personality traits such as generosity.

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