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Kevin Sherwood Net Worth – Wiki, Bio, Career, Pictures & More

Kevin Sherwood Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Career, Family Pictures & more. Kevin Sherwood is a well-renowned composer who was born on August 8, 1980 in Battle Creek and now stands 43 years old. Known for his extensive musical composition work and notable achievements within his field, Kevin has established an enviable career and built up a massive net worth as one of the leading figures within music composition today.

Kevin Sherwood is an award-winning composer for software developer Treyarch who is also their sound designer and composer, known for creating musical easter eggs for Call of Duty Zombies game mode and numerous other videogames, such as Undone, Lullaby for a Deadman, and The One.

American and Christian by religion, he is married with three children and owns several cars. As someone who prefers privacy over publicity, his personal and love life remain unknown despite dating several women at one point or another in his past and preferring not to reveal this information publicly.

He loves going hiking and camping with his friends in his free time, watching movies and playing video games as well. He is extremely friendly towards others around him; having amassed an army of loyal followers who follow every move of this dynamic individual.

Sources report Kevin Sherwood has amassed an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million dollars through his professional career as a composer, which currently takes him to Michigan, United States.

He has invested in some of the top stocks on the market and seen an excellent return. Sherwood invested in Goldman Sachs Group Inc, with an estimated market cap of more than $122.5 Million; these investments yielded positive returns over 18 months; his net worth increased considerably as a result.

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