Patrick Gelsinger Net Worth

Pat Gelsinger Net Worth – How Much Is Pat Gelsinger Worth?

Pat Gelsinger has spent over four decades at Intel Corporation leading innovation. Now as CEO of VMware – a software company offering virtualization technologies and tools -, he oversees their expansion. In his spare time he writes books and speaks widely on matters related to faith, work and philanthropy. Lastly, his wife Linda Fortune lives with them both in Oregon.

Gelsinger was born March 5, 1961 in Robesonia, Pennsylvania. Raised on a family farm by June and Paul Gelsinger as part of an Amish and Mennonite community, he received an early admission scholarship upon scoring highly on an electronics technology test during high school. Graduating early from Conrad Weiser High School after skipping its final year, he moved home at 16 to attend college instead.

At Lincoln Technical Institute, he earned an associate degree in electrical engineering. Later he went on to receive a bachelor’s degree from Santa Clara University and an engineering master’s from Stanford. Since then he has held multiple leadership roles within Silicon Valley including acting as Intel vice president and chief technology officer – overseeing technological innovations like Wi-Fi, USB ports, as well as Core and Xeon processor development.

After leaving Intel, Gelsinger became president and chief executive officer of EMC’s information infrastructure products business before being appointed CEO of VMware in 2012. Since then, he has successfully transformed VMware into an industry-leading player in cloud infrastructure, enterprise mobility and cyber security – even being named Glassdoor’s Best CEO of America in 2018.

Intel has promised Gelsinger nearly $180 Million in total compensation during his first year as CEO, according to reports. Intel offered such an eye-popping salary as an inducement to lure him away from VMware where he earned an estimated annual total compensation of around $42 Million per year in total compensation. Most of this pay package depends on performance so could become considerably smaller if Intel stock prices drop substantially.

Gelsinger should expect a substantial cash bonus and long-term incentive equity awards on top of his base salary. Over the past 18 years, Gelsinger completed 57 trading transactions of VMware stock which netted him an average trade profit of $410,273. Although he frequently buys and sells this stock, it remains uncertain whether any more will be sold in 2022.

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