Paul Baloche Net Worth

Paul Baloche Net Worth

Paul Baloche is an award-winning Christian music singer-songwriter who has won multiple Dove awards with songs like Above All. Additionally, he serves as pastor at Community Christian Fellowship in Lindale, Texas; where his wife Rita Baloche also is a Christian music songwriter.

His net worth is estimated between $1 and $5 Million, with much of that coming from his primary career as a rock singer and secondary sources such as endorsements and investments.

Baloche has released numerous albums and singles, such as “Hosanna,” “Your Name,” and “Open the Eyes of My Heart,” among many other memorable songs. Additionally, he has provided visual instructional resources for church worship teams such as his Worship Guitar Series from 1995. Between 2002-2006 he produced The Modern Worship Series DVDs to assist church worship teams increase their skills and confidence during worship services. In addition, God Songs, now in its 8th printing, was also written by him.

Baloche has not only written songs for churches and worship services around the world; he has also led worship and prayer conferences in North America and Asia as well as guest lectured at universities and colleges. Furthermore, he is the author of multiple books as well as teaching guitar, piano and choral music in local congregations.

He has collaborated with numerous artists, such as Michael W. Smith, Casting Crowns and Rebecca St. James; co-writing numerous songs for their albums as well as performing in musicals and plays.

Paul Joseph Baloche was born June 4th 1962 in Maple Shade Township, New Jersey and belongs to the zodiac sign Gemini. A Christian who has served as worship leader for 25 years; Paul lives with Rita and their son David in their family unit.

Paul also enjoys painting and photography; his pieces have been featured at galleries worldwide.

He is also an active social media user, often posting updates about his work to his Instagram and Facebook accounts. Furthermore, he is involved with charitable organizations such as Compassionart.

His fans appreciate his music and positive energy. Additionally, they enjoy attending his concerts and performances. Finally, they appreciate that he remains true to his faith.

Integrity Music’s recently rereleased A Greater Song is now available as both physical and digital formats, offering live and reimagined versions of many of its classic tracks like “Hosanna,” “Praise Is Rising,” and “Your Name.” Produced by Ben Gowell and Michael Rossback.

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